It’s been a pleasure and a privilege to modestly assist Sir Bobby Charlton and his charity “Find a Better Way”, by encouraging donations for the worthy cause of landmine clearance across the globe.  (An objective also felt so deeply by the late Diana, Princess of Wales).

Throughout a two day session, Sir Bobby risked a severe attack of ‘writer’s cramp’ by arriving early and busily signing shirts and other memorabilia until the last possible minute that time allowed!

The charity is so active in every way possible in furthering the development of new technologies for landmine detection and clearance, that last year it was granted £10million from HM Government to help fund its valuable work. (This money quite appropriately taken from LIBOR fines imposed on those who’ve demonstrated the worst of values, in order to support those who demonstrate nothing but the best of values).

It is a staggering fact that to clear the 110 million active landmines presently in place using current technologies, would cost an estimated $30Billion and take over 1,000 years! Consequently, the charity was founded by Sir Bobby to help ‘Find a Better Way’.

As leading art, artefact and memorabilia display specialists, we’ve been delighted to be involved in the presentation of Bobby Charlton signed sports shirts and other items, in order for them to be conserved and valued for many years to come. Each item that we process, automatically generates a further donation directly to the charity.

We wish Sir Bobby and his team continuing success into the future!

You can read more about Sir Bobby Charlton’s charity Find a Better Way here.