16th Century Techniques – with exquisite results

Although everyone’s heard of ‘Etchings’, few understand what they are, and why they have monetary and collectable value over and above ordinary ‘prints’.

Along with associated ‘Photogravures’, the visual differences are obvious, and the artistic appeal is immediate.  Each print is effectively a unique original!  Anyone looking to obtain something distinctly superior to High Street Art on a relatively small scale, could well find the answer here!

For many years we’ve had connections with fine German artisans who, using traditional equipment and techniques dating back to the 16th Century, painstakingly hand-produce outstanding work using these original methods handed down over many generations.

All of this highly collectable and tasteful work denotes far higher quality than modern commercial printing processes could ever lay claim to, and each item will undoubtedly be displayed with justifiable pride of ownership.

Call in and look at our etchings!