Alan F Holmes – Mirrors

Many people spend hours searching High Street shops, but rarely find exactly what they’re looking for. Here, you can choose precisely what you need in order to complement any colour scheme, style of furnishing, or décor period.

We supply a huge range of mirrors, both modern and traditional. These can be to standard or CUSTOM SIZES. There are no limitations on dimensions, proportions, or frame styles, and mirror glasses can be plain or bevelled. (We also supply shaped mirrors to templates provided).

‘Over-mantles’ should always be in tasteful proportion to any fire surround below and, to this end, we issue our clients with a special instructional leaflet on how to correctly measure for achieving the most suitable result. (ie. Do it ONCE – and do it RIGHT!)

Simply call in with your ideal sizes and – if you wish, also bring along room colour or fabric samples and photos. We’ll then help guide you to the perfect mirror solution for any situation. It’s a remarkably quick and easy process!