Alan F Holmes – TV’s and Mirrors

As technology advances in other areas, so it does with glass. We supply specially developed glass for fitting within all styles of frames that can then be easily clipped to wall-mounted LED television sets for the ultimate in taste and sophistication. When not in use, the TV is effectively a framed mirror that ideally compliments its surroundings. However, by activating the TV’s remote control, the picture then shines directly through the specially manufactured glass to be viewed in the normal manner.

Wall-mounted TV’s are becoming more popular and, in general terms – increasingly large! This means that normal living spaces are frequently dominated by big, unsightly black squares. The perfect solution is to transform that ‘black square’ into an attractive mirror that can be used in the traditional way. Only when a TV programme is being watched does the mirror convert for that purpose. Such a situation gives you practical and visual benefits ALL of the time!

Call in to view the properties of this superb material and to discuss ways in which we can help to enhance the appearance of your own living space.