Within these pages, we hope you’ll find not only the information that you seek, but also a source of inspiration for new ideas and creativity that can easily be applied to your own thoughts, possessions, or décor.

Although it’s impossible to illustrate anything other than a cross-section of what we have to offer, we do plan to add new projects and information pages in the near future.  So please keep checking for updates over the coming weeks and months.

Our initial intention is to expand a range of examples of restoration work, together with a broader indication of taxidermy subjects that are more readily available.

We hope you will take a few minutes to explore the numerous pages currently displayed, with view to making a subsequent visit to our showroom.  For only through a personal visit and ‘face to face discussion’ can you become fully aware of the things that set this business apart, in the world of picture framing, bespoke mirrors, artefact and wall-décor presentation.

Thank you for visiting the website and we look forward to meeting you at Chelford in the near future.